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Welcome to Plymouth Babe Ruth

Plymouth Babe Ruth Membership:

We cannot begin to explain all the pros and cons of being a volunteer in any organization. When you are “doing your job” – for the most part – you and your team go unnoticed. That is truly a great thing as you know you are on the right path.

The issue revolves when perception is you are not doing your job or what is in the best interest of the membership’s children, neighbors, and families. The issues are magnified 100% more than they really should be – but rest assured - any human who volunteers their time in any organization has the right intentions. Period.

Sure – those intentions may not line up with everyone’s values or ideas – but honestly and truly, the intent is to please everyone but certainly can be a difficult task. Almost impossible.

We only bring this up as our President, Mark Guay, has decided to step away from the position and the Board of Directors entirely.  Mark originally stepped away and was asked to remain on the board to continue his work in building the best baseball product Plymouth can offer. Mark served last year as the President and we felt Mark had more to offer in Year Two and beyond.

Regardless of reasons or decisions, Mark served the Plymouth community for nine-plus years and should be commended, thanked, and championed for being a part of Babe Ruth for so many years. If you see Mark around or if you have his contact information – feel free to reach out and thank him for his years of dedication to every child playing the game of baseball irrespective of ability, size, or strength.

We will move forward with continuing to re-build the image of Babe Ruth. Last night, Brian Fabry was nominated as President for Plymouth Babe Ruth after 10 years of service to Plymouth Youth Baseball & Softball with the last two seasons as President of PYBS.

There are many exciting ideas upcoming for the league and will be addressed in the next letter to the membership, but we wanted to thank Mark for the tremendous effort and heart he put into Babe Ruth, the Town of Plymouth, but more importantly – our membership.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to Brian Fabry at   or text him directly at 508-927-2490.


Plymouth Babe Ruth Board of Directors


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4 for 4 Hitting - Plymouth OPEN (12/11) 
Forges Mens BB1 - Plymouth TBD (12/11) 
Forges Mens BB2 - Plymouth TBD (12/11) 
P.N.H.S. - Plymouth OPEN (12/11) 
P.S.H.S. - Plymouth OPEN (12/11) 
Seiver Field - Plymouth TBD (12/11) 
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